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OrganizingTogether (OT) is an organizational development and research collective founded on the principles of experiential learning and participatory decision-making. We help organizations scale their missions through collaborative capacity building and technology. We are not just a group of consultants, OrganizingTogether is a culture. We recognize injustice and have pledged to contribute our technical skills to benefit our local social and economic wellbeing. We provide services on a progressive pricing model that boosts small businesses and grassroots organizations who are on a mission to positively transform their communities.

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We build custom project proposals for each of our clients. 
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Strategic planning is key to any social movement or business and generally involves setting strategic goals, determining actions to achieve those goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. 


Monitoring and Evaluation practices and procedures provide empirical evidence that goals are being obtained and resources are being managed efficiently. 

Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. From advertising to website development, style and coordination streamlines customer engagement. 


Policies define the goals of an organization and provide guidance about how to achieve objectives. Policies define important processes such as what an organization does, who participates in decision-making, and minimum wage.  


Education, or training, helps to build the capacity of  organizations by increasing human capital. Custom in-person and online workshops and courses develop the knowledge of staff, board members, and volunteers. 


Qualitative and Quantitative research methods, such as survey design or spatial analyses, assist organizations in evaluating key research objectives and achieve max efficiency and representation. 

How It Works The OT Collective and Network invests in local community.

Scale the capacity of local organizations
Our OT Consultants provide capacity building services to organizations seeking to scale their mission and develop more sustainable communities.
Increase collaboration through technology
Our public mapping of organizations and the OT Network encourages collaboration across different types of organizations focused on poverty reduction, social equity, and environmental sustainability.
Develop impact programs and technology
The collective donates 1% of its time and revenue to the OrganizingTogether Foundation that provides technical expertise and funding to nonprofits that use technology to reduce poverty, inequity, and environmental degradation.

The change begins with us! Discover organizations doing more for their communities.