Social Equity Matters?

Social equity seems to be coming up in national and international news a lot lately. It’s become a buzz word that encompasses a wide variety of strategies and techniques, and yet the majority of organizations do not address the systemic (or lack of a system) and social culture that upholds inequity. Many organizations choose to donate to social equity organizations in an attempt to support social justice causes, but do not adopt new policies and procedures from within. They are not being the change they want to see in the world.

Our Alliance Program challenges and rewards organizations who invest in our equity programs. Programs are developed by our collective that consists of technical experts, scientists, and public health experts. 

Social Equity Services

Increasing our capacity to have empathy and compassion for others’ needs and desires

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Equity Evaluation and Planning

Our DEI specialists can evaluate your social equity standards within your organization through surveys, interviews, and procedural review to create a social equity plan. 

Equity Development

Our DEI specialists have developed a curriculum around the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and the Federal Bonding System to encourage and support the hiring of underrepresented or marginalized communities. 

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Equity Investment

Our DEI specialists and legal partner teams can assist you in the creation of funds or foundations for social equity development that act as opportunity pipelines, such as educational grants and micro-finance investments. 

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