The collective is a research consultancy for technical experts looking to do more for their communities.  Our consultants provide support services to small businesses, nonprofits, and municipal governments. Together we help build capacity with technology and foster collaboration between organizations and groups. 

Invoicing and Reporting

Our collective funds pay for our Administrative team to handle all the paperwork including post-project evaluation.

Courses and Workshops

Our funds pay for teaching and learning opportunities for professional development of our clients and consultants.

Lead Generation

Our collective funds pay for our Lead Generation team to handle client creation through targeted marketing and outreach.


Our funds pay for our digital network and its development in an effort to create socially equitable development ecosystems.

The Team

Meet our Consultants

Our collective hosts weekly scrum, professional development, and programmatic meetings.

We are organizing for change; to create a more inclusive, socially just, and economically empowered community.

Will you be joining us?


Supporting HQ Staff

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