How can we build a more resilient community in Lansing? 

To build the community we wish to see, there must be social and institutional justice in the city. We are building a program with local social equity organizations to talk community resiliency what actions must be taken to ensure restorative justice.

Food Security
Our Capital Area partners are committed to ensure food security for all Lansing residents. We are coming together to create a program that ensures food security in times of resource scarcity and high unemployment. Even without money, no family should go without food in our community.
Waste Management
We often take essential services for granted. Ever wonder what happens to the things you throw away? You would soon find out if waste removal stopped and the trash began to pile up. We are currently collaborating with local partners to develop a program for household waste management that reduces trash to zero by eliminating unnecessary packaging and showing how we can reuse most materials.

Sustainable Energy
What would happen if electricity was no longer powered by the gird? Our sustainable energy project collaborates with Capital Area organizations to create a plan for household level sustainable energy and alternative ways of keeping the lights on.

Join the movement

Let’s learn from the COVID-19 pandemic and recreate our future together. Lansing, Michigan could lead a revolution in community resiliency and it starts with you.