Design to Grow

to organize

Design to change the world

High Quality

Designs that speak to your target audience and mobilize them to act.

Participatory Decision-making

Build a plan with your community to design a new world that's for everyone.

Canva Affiliate Partner

Our designers contribute to Canva, provide technical support in combination with training offered by Canva, and develop design strategies with nontechnical users in mind around the platform.

Strategy Catalysts

Consultants help organizations focus on strategy, think outside the box, and use tools that make graphic design and website development easy.

Education Focused

Through experiential learning models, our consultants guide your staff or volunteers through the planning process to develop replicable plans and processes.

Target Audience Research

Our applied researchers will conduct research on your ideal target audience to help inform strategy based on empirical evidence.

Choose the perfect plan

The collective provides packaged and custom services to small businesses, nonprofits, and municipal and state governments. 


Basic Canva Training


Website Design


Custom Package

Individual and collective


Let's design your next campaign

Say no to businesses as usual

Our designers are hear to help you be creative. We offer in house design but also want to train your staff or volunteers on how to start designing themselves. Let’s train you on Canva to begin creating outreach materials that capture audiences. 

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We can do it all


We are the change

End Social Inequity, Poverty, and Environmental Degredation

All purchases fund the OT Foundation

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