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High Impact

The OT Foundation funds high impact programs that use technology to resolve poverty, inequity, and environmental degradation.

Capacity Building

Each of our consultants donates 20 hours per year to supporting projects and mentoring leaders.

Taking direct action

Submission criteria

Uses Technology

Each project must use technology in an innovative way.

6-12 months

Each project should be completed in 6-12 months.


Each project must have its organization assessed by OrganizingTogether.


Each project must be spearheaded by a nonprofit organization owned by the public.

Complete evaluation

Each project must submit an evaluation plan and final reports.

Solves local problems

Each project must attempt to reduce poverty, inequity, or environmental degradation.

These organizations are changing their communities.

What's high impact tech?

Our Executive Board comprises of entrepreneurs, research scientists, and public policy experts searching for organizations that have innovative ideas for solving community problems. High impact technology focuses on resolving at least one of the three greatest challenges facing humankind; inequity, poverty, and environmental degradation. 

Do you want to support technology literacy at one of our local hubs? Purchase a laptop for someone in need and help bridge the gap. 

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Making change starts with you

Technology for local communities

Donate and support a project

Our Board

Our Board of Directors manages 1% of OrganizingTogether’s revenue and time. Each of our consultants are required to complete 20 hours of probono work per year. 

Shelly Belton


Passionate Michigan State and Spring Arbor Alumni. Works hard in fields that provide resources to improve current and future quality of life. Invests in the next generation with volunteer and charity work. Always optimistic.While working for the state department LEO (Labor and Economic Opportunity), Shelly worked as a State Coordinator for the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs.

Michael Baron


I would characterize myself as a lifelong learner who always strives to make sure that my insights can benefit various communities with an emphasis on those who need help the most. A common thread in my career has been trying to “give a voice to the voiceless,” and attempting to instill confidence (and hope) in disadvantaged and vulnerable populations that through collaborative efforts their circumstances can improve. I have continuously focused on social justice and environmental justice, as well as equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Silvia Mikutis

General Member

Silvia adds value as a board of director by utilizing extensive experience within it as well as project management to turn around business operations, exceed objectives, and drive growth initiatives.

Sunder Pillai

General Member

Sunder Pillai is a Strategy and IT Consulting Executive with deep experience and expertise throughout the ITO sourcing process. He offers 20 years of results-driven IT outsourcing, consulting, digital business strategy and technology services industry leadership experience helping clients, within several industries, achieve their desired business outcomes.