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Citizens influence Policy

OrganizingTogether (OT)  is a research lab and consultancy. Our mission is to provide knowledge, advice, and support to activists and grassroots organizations conducting citizen led science. 

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is the involvement of the public in scientific research – whether community-driven research or global investigations.

Identify a Public Problem

Citizens identify a problem within their community but don't know where to go or how to solve it. 

Learn and build capacity

Citizens come to the OT Laboratory and work with scientists to identify methods and funding. 

Strategize and implement

Citizens work with scientists to develop a strategic plan to collect data and report to policy makers and begin advocacy campaign. 

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How It Works ?

We believe that citizens hold the power in numbers. For too long, the systems of power have made regular every day citizens believe that they do not have the knowledge or understanding of policy and science to make decisions for themselves. OT Laboratory provides a platform and support for participatory citizen led science by providing physical space, access to technology, connections to expert research scientists who provide training and technical. We help development community based approaches to solving local and global challenges. We give the microphone back to the people! 

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Our laboratory can provide access to technology, testing, and knowledge. If we don't have what you need, we will help identify specialists and institutions that do.  If your citizens action research does not sway policymakers, we can help you identify the points of power and develop a plan to put political pressure on key individuals and organizations through advocacy and civil disobedience. 


Environmental & SWOT Analysis

Reporting and Policy Development

Identify and Pursue Funding

Power Analysis & Advocacy Plannning

Data collection & Analysis

Civil Disobedience Training

OT Consultancy went above and beyond throughout the entire project. Our consultant was so responsive and helpful. I knew I could count on them to meet deadlines and produce quality resources and reports for our grant project. Not only did they complete everything agreed upon in our contract, but provided additional support and resources that were needed when our program changed and we needed to adapt. Thank you to everyone at OT! This was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to work with you again in the future.
Executive Director
Prevention Network
More about the OT Network

The OT Network will help keep you connected to specialists and scientists in your area, provide a platform and organizing tool for your team, and provide you with useful online trainings and webinars that will help guide you through the process of citizen science. 

Charla Burnett

Charla Burnett, Ph.D.

CEO & Lead Scientist

Nicole Reid, LBSW

Our team

Our team of social and physical scientists is always growing as we continue to partner with leading universities and research institutes. Are you a technical expert in a specific field and want to become a part of our team? 

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