Our Collective

OrganizingTogether is a hyper local organizational development and research collective consisting of technical experts, research scientists, and practitioners in an array of fields. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to help scale organizations and build stronger more resilient communities.

The Collective consists of OT HQ and OT Hubs. OT HQ serves the collective and helps facilitate our capacity building services at each of the OT Hub locations. Each OT Consultant serves organizations in their local communities and pledges to give back 1% of their time and revenue to the OT Foundation.

Our Foundation

The OT Foundation provides technical and financial support to nonprofits using technology to end poverty, inequity, and environmental degradation. Our Technology Catalyst Award accepts concept notes that are reviewed by our Board of Directors. Top projects are asked to submit a full proposal and those selected get tailored  technical assistance, strategic mentorship, and financial support. 

Our Community

Our platform includes the Community Directory that helps users find local organizations that are doing more for their communities. These organizations have been evaluated by the Collective and have proven to  foster inclusivity and provide goods and services that benefit their local communities. The goal of the directory is to support a hyper localized economy around organizations that share a similar vision and mission by empowering citizens to make better purchasing decisions.

Our Network

We offer free online courses in organizational development on the OT Network. You can also apply for an organizational training space on our network where you can schedule events with your team, instant message them, and create courses to train them and build capacity for your mission. We also offer complimentary consultations for those in need of strategic advice in starting or scaling small businesses or nonprofit organizations.

Our Pricing

OrganizingTogether measures, customizes, and charges for—in real time—your organization’s potential social impact and actual economic value. This innovative approach—already embedded in the sharing economy and in other sectors such as financial services—scales prices up or down on the basis of the value an individual customer derives. We use the term “progressive” as it’s used in contexts such as tax systems. But unlike taxes, the levels of prices under progressive pricing are value-based, not necessarily means-based.

Instead of optimizing a small number of price points, OrganizingTogether optimizes a continuum of prices. Progressive pricing enables that differentiation by pushing the logic of discrete price points to its practical limit, offering each customer a fair, personalized product and price point. The key element to our unique progressive price model is a value-sharing algorithm that dynamically sets prices specific to the value an individual organization based on tax status, number of paid employees, revenue, and potential social, economic, and environmental impact.

You can begin collaborating with us right away by following these few simple steps below:

1. Add or Claim an Organization

Submit your organization to be evaluated by our OT Consultants. Your organization will be able to select categories and signal how you support the community. (If you were evaluated prior to our 2021 launch, please claim your account).

Add Your Organization →

2. Find and be searched by other organizations doing more.

Upon review by our OT Consultants, your listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by community leaders, university researchers, grant-makers, clients, and customers  interested in doing more for their communities. A badge will be added to your listing to mark it as official.

Find and Claim Your Organization →

3. Become an Alliance member

OTC members are organizations that invest in the community through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) or Workforce Opportunity training.

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Shop at the OT Foundation Store and give back to nonprofit organizations doing more for their communities.