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Our Lead Generation Coordinator will follow up on any leads that you submit via targeted marketing and outreach.

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Once a lead turns into an opportunity, you can submit the request to our CRM system to trigger the research and proposal writing phase.

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Once your client has reviewed and approved your proposal, the award process begins. Click to begin the award process and get your payment deposited directly into your account.

Activate the Collective

Professional Development

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Our consultants are encouraged to host a monthly online webinar or in-person workshop to engage clients and build capacity for our communities.

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Our consultants are able to create online courses to generate revenue by engage clients and building a personal brand.

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Our consultants are changing the way our communities organize.

Our collective of technical experts and scientists specialize in an array of different fields to help provide holistic services to our clients and fulfill their every developmental need. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out other consultants projects or schedule a meeting with a specialist at HQ. 


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