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Madison Heights Community Coalition (MHCC) is a coalition in Madison Heights formed to prevent substance abuse in our community with a focus on our youth. The Coalition is comprised of citizens and business people within the community, law enforcement agents, city government officials, State representatives, educational professionals, health and social service organizations, and high school students. Our goal is to be a prevention resource in the community, provide local youth data, and thereby reduce substance abuse in our community.

Youth Resources

MHCC compiles resources for youth that are made or informed by youth. This participatory method fits right into OrganizingTogether's preferred method for community development.

About the Project

To ensure their continued growth, MHCC applied and was awarded the Prevention Network’s MODA Mini-grant to fund capacity building training based on the results of the MODA Organizational Capacity Assessment. MHCC’s Director selected OrganizingTogether (OT) Consultancy Group to help with technical support and training and to increase the organization’s operational and adaptive capacity. Through the MODA Organizational Capacity Assessment (OSA) and structured interviews with the Director, Kimberly Heisler, OT identified four key areas of support: logo, branding, and website design; strategic planning and facilitation; Board of Directors and Evaluation Methods and Databases. OT designed and implemented a Board of Directors recruitment plan ahead of co-developing the Board of Directors Handbook and Evaluation Methods. 

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team helped guide the Board of Directors through equity training to develop clear guidelines to ensure representation from the community in decision-making. Through long-term collaboration, OT helped to redesign MHCC’s website to more adequately highlight MHCC’s mission and activities. It’s our goal that MHCC will have the necessary processes and documentation to scale it’s mission and community ownership. 



Our commitment to preventing substance abuse in teens is strong through ongoing partnership and support. 

Branding and Logo Redesign

Our consultants worked collaboratively to identify a new look for MHCC that includes elements of its brands history but with a completely new look. We used this branding and logo design to create a more suitable website. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Handbook

The MHCC 2021 Monitoring and Evaluation Plan is based on the outcomes of the Executive Board of Directors 2020 Strategic Plan. It represents the operational plan for MHCC for the next 3 years and should not be altered until another strategic plan is conducted and programs are either altered or additional objectives are added. Table 1 outlines the goals, objectives, measurables and deliverables outlined in the 2020 Strategic Plan.

MHCC Website

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Support our mission

Our goal is to end overdose deaths and substance abuse by our community’s youth. We work collaboratively with prevention organizations to build capacity and scale their reach. We continue to support organizations doing more for our communities. 

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