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Our consultants develop open source and custom monitoring systems for organizations managing complex geographic workflows.


The OT Collective specializes in both qualitative and quantitative research methods in program design, community development, ecosystem services, urban planning, and land/resource management using GIS.

Participatory Mapping

Our community development technicians use GIS and paper methods to map landscape values for all types of organizations.


Let's help you find the best monitoring and evaluation tools available. Learn how to use technology to increase efficiency and make smarter decisions.

Decision analyses

Our management engineers identify and ass all aspects of a decision through value focused thinking. 

Scientific Communication

Our messaging and storytelling consultants specialize in disseminating scientific ideas to the public.

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The collective provides packaged and custom services to small businesses, nonprofits, and municipal and state governments. 


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Frequently asked questions

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system or hardware that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps data. GIS connects all types of data to a map, including but not limited to resource, operations, and socio/political data. This provides a foundation for mapping and analysis that is used in science and almost every industry. GIS helps users understand patterns, relationships, and geographic context. The benefits include improved communication and efficiency as well as better management and decision making.

Participatory mapping is a form of collaborative cartography that respectfully acknowledges – and subsequently incorporates and utilizes – the value of local and traditional knowledge. Through this
form of mapping, community stakeholders are intimately involved in the cartographic process. Participatory mapping is a method, tool, and framework for overcoming the political, social, and economic politics that is embedded in resource evaluation and distribution.

Participatory mapping (PM) refers to the multiple ways humans create and communicate knowledge, experience, and aspirations about the world in maps. A consistent aspiration of PM has been to engage and empower marginalized or under-represented groups in society through the use of spatial technologies.

An organization requiring GIS reporting will usually have in mind a specific deliverable, such as a set of employee distribution maps or a particular question to be answered by using third party data such as Census data. The maps can be provided in a paper and/or digital format.

All organizations can benefit from research conducted through spatial analyses. By incorporating the public, organizations can collect spatially informed data to make program and policy decisions, democratizing the decision-making process. From economic development to environmental conservation, social, cultural, and preference data can save resources by reducing distribution conflicts. 

Data is not always available in its most suitable format and may require conversion into a more suitable or usable format for GIS use. This may require the capture from paper maps into a digital format, or conversion from other. We can also provide guidance on the development and implementation of major GIS projects and data collection with the community.

Some Examples of GIS Spatial Analysis:

Improving political campaign outreach by properly managing canvas routes
Pinpointing areas within a city that lack specific and necessary social services
Choosing sales or delivery territories based on population statistics
Analyzing community preferences for new public policies and zoning plans
Creating and designing illustrated pathways for upcoming marathons, walking groups, and business districts

OT Consultancy Group provides GIS consultancy services for all sizes and types of organizations. We provide quality mapping and spatial analysis, allowing clients to benefit from GIS expertise at their convenience without the need for investment in software, data and training.

Our GIS Consultancy Offers:

  • Advice and guidance through GIS Consultancy services
  • GIS software set up of both commercial and open-source platforms
  • Data sourcing for GIS projects
  • Training and support
  • Application development of GIS tools
  • Geographic data capture services and data conversion


Counter mapping is  a specific type of civic mapping focused on liberation from political oppression. We have compiled this list of resources for those seeking support and answers. If you have any question, please email


OT Consultancy went above and beyond throughout the entire project. Charla was so responsive and helpful. I knew I could count on her to meet deadlines and produce quality resources and reports for our grant project. Not only did Charla complete everything agreed upon in our contract, but provided additional support and resources that were needed when our program changed and we needed to adapt. Thank you Charla and everyone at OT Consultancy! This was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to work with you again in the future.

Louise Harder


We have been working with Charla and OT planning a major substance abuse prevention and overdose prevention project that will eventually be state wide. While we are not yet into the implementation phase, Charla’s thought and direction thus far has been very helpful. Very excited to continue our work with them in the future.

Ken Dial


The team at OT Consultancy has been a dream to work with! With all the tight deadlines set for our project they were able to go above and beyond assisting us every step of the way! Charla and the team is clearly passionate about community organizations and strengthening their skill sets. I recommend OT Consultancy to any organization looking for a hands on consultancy team. I look forward to working together again in the future!

Hawra Ahmed


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