Zahra Ahmad

Environmental Advocacy and Law

Policy Analyst
Sustainability 92%
Urban Planning
Transportation 85%

Zahra Ahmad reported on city, environmental, and policy impact Michigan communities for more than six years. Zahra will graduate with a Master of Science in Environmental, Energy, and Natural Resource Law from Lewis and Clark Law School in December 2021. She’s transitioning into consultancy, focusing on environmental policy and advising. Zahra is also a guest presenter for the Pulitzer Center and a big sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Jeffrey holds a Ph.D in Public Policy from University of Massachusetts Boston and specializes in understanding the policy process of legalizing cannabis and implementing equitable outcomes that benefit communities impacted by criminalization. Dr. Moyer is a proud AmeriCorps VISTA alumni and teaches at Suffolk University and Northeastern University. He has worked in variety of organizations and capacities to ensure legal compliance and adherence to values of transparency and accountability. Jeffrey is committed to ensuring those that are not traditionally included get a seat at the table, and seeks to work with organizations that are looking to expand opportunities and capabilities both internally and externally.

Jeffrey Moyer

Public Policy and Social Equity Legislation

Public Policy Analyst
Compliance 89%
Transparency 90%

George Chichirau

Public Policy and Urban Planning

Policy Analyst
Sustainability 92%
Urban Planning
Transportation 85%

George’s primary research focus is on how to best integrate environmental sustainability, social justice and economic efficiency, particularly in regards to public transit policy and urban housing development, though he has experience conducting cost-benefit analyses and projections in many other areas. His lifelong research agenda revolves around creating a new public policy theoretical framework that is explicitly grounded in behavioral economics, ecological economics, institutional mapping and systems thinking. George is a doctoral candidate in Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts.

Erica Roper has a Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a Undergraduate in Sustainable Community Development from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Erica works: to promote environmental and social sustainability and community resiliency, to leverage local resources to promote community health and social equity, and to disrupt systemic and institutional oppression. Erica teaches classes, runs workshops and supports individuals around active and sustainable transportation, development of a sustainable lifestyle and healthy patterns and boundaries, as well as energetic awareness, and improvisational movement and dance. Erica is a certified mediator, an experienced facilitator, a mental wellness advocate, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Dance New England.

Erica Roper

Sustainability Management, Community Health, Social Equity

Public Policy Analyst
Environment 89%
Community Resilience 90%

Nicole Reid

Lead Generation Specialist
Behavioral Health and the Environment

Mental Health
Trauma-informed Program Development 97%
Environmental Protection
Policy Advocacy 90%

Nicole Reid has a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a BA in Criminal Justice and Organizational Communication. Nicole has over ten years of experience in substance abuse and criminal justice, in both the non-profit and government sectors. She specializes in Drug Treatment Courts, Medication Assisted Treatment and jail populations. Nicole also has four years of experience as an adjunct college professor. She is a progressive activist, experienced campaign organizer and ran for office in 2016. Nicole is dedicated to combating climate change through the use of renewable energy and sustainable living practices.

Prior to joining OT Consultancy Group, Peter was a commercial lender for over 27 years. Peter is an entrepreneur and turnaround advisor and brings business experience to the group along with an expansive network.

Peter Bendoris

Financial Planning & Advising

Business Strategy
Financial Advice 99%
Business Management 85%

M. Burnett

Chief Executive Officer
Community Development Specialist

Monitoring and Evaluation 80%
Participatory Mapping 90%

Named one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 under 30 Scholars, Charla is a community mediator that specializes in strategic planning and decision support technologies. She holds a BA in Global Studies, MA in Conflict Transformation, and a Ph.D. in Global Governance and Human Security. She has conducted evaluation research for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She’s also the founder of two successful nonprofit organizations- Refugees Welcome! and the International Society for Participatory Mapping (ISPM).



The collective is a research consultancy for technical experts looking to do more for their communities.  Our consultants provide support services to small businesses, nonprofits, and municipal governments. Together we help build capacity with technology and foster collaboration between organizations and groups. 

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Our collective funds pay for our Administrative team to handle all the paperwork including post-project evaluation.

Courses and Workshops

Our funds pay for teaching and learning opportunities for professional development of our clients and consultants.

Lead Generation

Our collective funds pay for our Lead Generation team to handle client creation through targeted marketing and outreach.


Our funds pay for our digital network and its development in an effort to create socially equitable development ecosystems.


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