Dembowski Studio

Our consultants provided technical assistance in the founding of Dembowski Studios, an arts studio that combines music, dance, and theatre. With its inceptions, our communications team designed the brand and evaluation templates for weekly and monthly music lessons. 

Dembowski Studio fosters complex arts collaborations between mediums with a unique focus on large instillations and flash art that fosters discussion on contemporary and popular culture. 


OT seeks to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in business and entrepreneurship because science tell us that diverse groups lead to greater innovation and efficiency at problem solving. Acceptance and valuing a diversity of opinions fosters peace and economic development. As a result, our team provides small business startup training materials and technical support. Saponaria is a part of our mission to support and raise up members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and asexual community who have been historically marginalized and disproportionately abused and murdered in society.  

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