MODA - We strive to bridge the gap between research and practice effective local prevention efforts.

Using an investment from the CDC, the MODA Community networking platform is available as a free service to connect stakeholders from communities across Michigan to share information and resources. The MODA Community is moderated by the Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University and powered by OrganizingTogether’s Mighty Network. 

In 2020, the United State’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) awarded the Prevention Network of Michigan with funding for the development of a funding mechanism and  project that sought to understand, measure, and expand capacity in addressing drug overdoses across Michigan. 

OT was consulted to conduct research on overdose prevention organizations in Michigan. The goal of the research was to map the current organizations, assess their capacity,  create online learning tools to help with capacity development, and a a funding mechanism to provide financial support to innovative proposals by organizations to address gaps identified with the capacity assessment tool.

OT Consultants built the MODA Map to help facilitate data collection on the location and types of services provided by overdose prevention organizations. Seventy organizations across Michigan have been identified as providing overdose prevention programming, including targeted naloxone distribution, syringe service programs, medication assisted treatment (MAT), and academic detailing. Fifty-six organizations participated in qualitative interviews using OT’s capacity development assessment survey. 

The assessment was used to determine eligibility and focus of capacity development grants ranging from $1,000 to $40,000. The assessment covered aspects of leadership, operations, management, adaption and was designed to enable organizations to learn, foster team sharing, and encourage reflective self-assessment. Each organization received their own internal report. Over $150,000 worth of funding was distributed across grassroots organizations with a critical focus on diversifying programming and expanding programs in specific regions across the State of Michigan. 

You can read the entire report with a general overview of state and regional trends. 

The OrganizingTogether App is a community online learning management system that can help any organization scale impact by becoming its own capacity development tool. Working with overdose prevention specialists from across the state, our consultants help to start a series of online courses in overdose prevent and harm reduction techniques that has now been built on by researchers and organizers across the state.  Courses include: 

  • Support Systems
  • Peer Support in Recovery
  • Educating Healthcare
  • Substance Use Screening Tools
  • Wraparound Services
  • Safe Disposal and Storage
  • Reducing Stigma
  • Access to Medications for Treatment
  • Mental Health Screening
  • CDC Evaluation Framework
  • Data Essentials
  • GIS for Overdose Prevention
  • Screening for Fentanyl 
  • MAT
  • Syringe Services 
  • 911 Good Samaritan Laws
  • Academic Detailing


COVID-19 caused a global pandemic in the middle of this project that our team couldn’t ignore. It greatly impacted front-line workers, overdose prevention specialists,  and harm reductionists. Our communications team ran a support campaign to ensure that they were supported through this tough time. A special thank you to our videography partners Uno Deuce Multimedia, our preferred partner, and founder, Paul Schmidt,  for doing all the video work for this project. 

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