Our Consultants helped Saponaria, a startup cleaning company, register and setup procedures to manage clients across the Lansing.

Art by Rachel Dialectic of Asylum Center. 

Em Hranilovich founded Saponaria in 2021. Saponaria provides clients with a clean, sparkling home space to help alleviate the overwhelm of housework that comes with: overworking ourselves in modern-day capitalism, addiction, mental health barriers, physical limitations, growing a family, aging, or bereavement. Art by Rachel Dialectic of Asylum Center. 

Art by Rachel Dialectic of Asylum Center. You can learn more or book Saponaria today! 

OT seeks to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in business and entrepreneurship because science tell us that diverse groups lead to greater innovation and efficiency at problem solving. Acceptance and valuing a diversity of opinions fosters peace and economic development. As a result, our team provides small business startup training materials and technical support. Saponaria is a part of our mission to support and raise up members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and asexual community who have been historically marginalized and disproportionately abused and murdered in society.  

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