Technology Catalyst Award

The OrganizingTogether Foundation is proud to offer technical and financial support to nonprofit organizations using technology to reduce poverty, inequity, and environmental degradation locally. 

The locally focused projects ensure that underrepresented voices are incorporated into the planning and development of technology solutions. 

Submission Process

Submit Concept

Here you can submit your project concept. You will be contacted within 60 days of submission with a response from our Executive Director.


Request for Proposal

If your concept note passes the preliminary review, your organization will be asked for a more extensive project proposal. You will have 90 days to submit the proposal.


Awards Distributed

Once your proposal has been approved by the Executive Committee, you will be matched with a mentor from the OT Collective who will help guide you through the award process.


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Awards are made to nonprofit organizations from around the world. These nonprofits must be registered entities within their country and be able to provide documentation.  Organizations must be able to demonstrate a longstanding relationship with the community they serve as well as a focus for incorporating underrepresented groups into the planning and development of technology solutions. 

The Technology Catalyst Award is given to organizations who have demonstrated proof of concept for a project that uses technology to reduce inequity, poverty, and environmental degradation locally. These projects need technical and financial support to scale. Projects must have a local focus and integrate the underserved and represented into the planning and development of the project. 

Concept submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow up to 60 days for a response from the Executive Committee. 

OrganizingTogether Consultancy Group, LLC. is a for-profit company that manages the collective. The OT Collective comprises of consultants from an array of technical backgrounds. OT Consultants pledge 1% of their pay and time to our 501(c)3 nonprofit the OrganizingTogether Foundation. The OT Foundation helps to raise money to support other nonprofit organizations in developing technology to solve our most pressing community problems. 

The award amount is determined by the projects specific needs and the OT Foundation’s ability to provide support. 

The maximum award amount depends on the requirements of the projects. The smallest award amount the OT Foundation will support is $250.

The OT Foundation is overseen by a separate impartial Executive Board of Directors, comprising of technical experts, researchers, public policy analysts, and entrepreneurs. You can find a full list of Executive Board members here. 

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please email for more information. 


Nonprofit organizations using technology to reduce inequity, poverty, and environmental degradation are invited 
to apply for the OrganizingTogether (OT) Foundation’s Technology Catalyst Award. 

Brief Description of your project's goals, methods, location, stakeholder group engaged with, partners, and expertise or award amount seeking?
Please describe the problem that you're solving in your community. Please include any research that you have conducted or use sources that provide evidence of your claims.
Please describe what methods you plan on using to solve the problem. Please provide a theory of change or proof of concept for your methodology. Methods must incorporate technology at some level.
Please describe your budget for the project, including any additional resources or funding that your organization will be committing to the project.
Please provide an exact amount you're requesting from the OT Foundation.
Please provide any additional information that might be helpful in assessing your application.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please submit any corresponding reports or outreach materials for the project.

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