Our consultants can help your organization develop a process model for a wide array of survey goals. We can help take your survey from the design phase all the way to administration and analysis.

Why is the Design Process Important?

The design, evaluation and administration of survey questionnaires constitute difficult and resource-intensive work. If measurement error is to be minimized, your organization needs to: (1) be aware of the various phases of the questionnaire design-and-evaluation process, and (2) understand the various sources of measurement error that could undermine data quality.

Especially during the observation and conceptualization phases associated with questionnaire design, content and design specialists assume a central role in describing the domain of interest, isolating and defining key concepts and categories, and delineating possible relationships among theoretical variables.

Even when conceptual specifications appear reasonably clear and precise, this translation/design process can be challenging. Let us help you, make an appointment for a free consultation today!

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