Experiential Learning. Experiential learning focuses on heuristic processes that help individuals reach conclusions on their own. Our consultancy focuses on teaching our clients how to implement our organizational management and research approaches themselves with the goal that our methods will surpass the use of our consultants.

Participatory Approaches. The principle of participation – the active involvement and empowerment of our clients – is the core of all our work. Our clients needs and knowledge shape the curriculum and the approaches we use to provide our services.

Organizational Management Theory. Organizational management is the process of facilitating effective use of assets and resources to meet a shared goal. Our theory combines the best practices of business and nonprofit management while doing away with inefficiencies of the past.

Technology Focused. We value technological solutions that create efficiencies in decision-making and value open source and free technology solutions for our clients. We will never try to sell our clients expensive software solutions when alternatives exist.

Empirical Based Evidence . All of our theories and approaches are grounded in empirical study. Our consultants pride themselves on using scientifically backed methods and data. We take our clients from opinion to fact.

Progressive Pricing. From social movements to for-profit businesses, our consultants believe that our services should be accessible to all. We offer our services on a revenue based scale to our clients.